Gorgeous visualization of dancers as thousands of points in space. http://www.asphyxia-project.com/

3:21 PM - 17 Mar 15 via facebook Facebook

It's great big soundtrack day on the studio stereo: The Social Network, Bladerunner and Myst.

3:09 PM - 18 Feb 15 via facebook Facebook

Well, hello new web site for @ClevePlayHouse. Aren't you a spiffy looking 100-year-old. http://t.co/96gob2C8sv

4:29 PM - 04 Feb 15 via Twitter Twitter

Ever seen a storm trouper breakdance? Stop motion animation isn't our strongest creative skill— But we had fun. https://vimeo.com/28371732

3:14 PM - 16 Feb 15 via facebook Facebook

New Dum Dums Drums iPad App for Spangler Candy https://t.co/wcjhtiBAbs http://t.co/3MzT0VtAAO

2:29 PM - 08 Jul 14 via Twitter Twitter

Another day, another Chrome browser.

3:09 PM - 23 Jun 14 via Twitter Twitter

Happy 7th Anniversary, Kory! Thank you for sharing so many years of your uncommon talent, ginormous music library, and ridiculous humor with us.

3:15 PM - 11 Feb 15 via facebook Facebook

3/4 of Gen Y-ers say biggest turnoff of nonprofit site is when info hasn't been updated recently http://t.co/kq78xB263t via @HubSpot

3:16 PM - 04 Jun 14 via Twitter Twitter

Loving our jobs today.

3:14 PM - 10 Feb 15 via facebook Facebook

Great article for Saturday morning. (We're guilty as charged.) http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2015/feb/06/curios-and-curiouser-weird-wonderful-stuff-artists-collect

7:25 AM - 07 Feb 15 via facebook Facebook

The only thing missing from the new @HoeflerCo typeface is Vin Diesel. http://t.co/7BkFrq2LJK

2:31 PM - 03 Jun 14 via Twitter Twitter

Hey CIFFies, thanks for mention! Love, the FORMies.

2:16 PM - 15 May 14 via Twitter Twitter

We're celebrating! Just launched a new website for Cleveland Play House.

10:15 AM - 04 Feb 15 via facebook Facebook

Know any PHP Developers that want to work with an uber-talented interactive team? Send 'em here! http://t.co/uY6GCa1iU4

11:16 PM - 30 Oct 13 via Twitter Twitter

Hard earned lunch break!

1:10 PM - 30 Jan 15 via facebook Facebook

It takes a lot of smarts and hard work to earn a diploma larger than you are, but this lady did it. Congratulations to our superstar Project Manager, Katelyn, for her brand new Masters of Accountancy degree from Case!

3:15 PM - 21 Jan 15 via facebook Facebook

Pardon us, friends, but please share? FORM is hiring a part-time book keeper, flexible schedule, 20-24 hours per week. Please send resumes to info@theformgroup.com or give us a call for more details at 216-921-9460. You'll love it here! http://thefor...

3:00 PM - 19 Jan 15 via facebook Facebook

Shout out to Jim and Joanne @MarcusThomasCle Your story made our day! http://t.co/3d1wRqt0

10:58 AM - 21 Dec 12 via Twitter Twitter

Bowling, beers and Christmas cheer! Happy holidays from the FORMies!

12:39 PM - 19 Dec 14 via facebook Facebook

We had a blast making this new app for Duck Tape. Please be warned, though, unrolling Bacon Tape can be addictive. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/duck-tape/id645986468

3:00 PM - 16 Dec 14 via facebook Facebook

A new look for GreenCityBlueLake - Cleveland Museum of Natural History http://t.co/1X99mr9C

10:52 AM - 09 Nov 12 via Twitter Twitter

We love our Walter Gropius studio, but look at what Ricardo Bofill did to this abandoned cement factory! Maybe it's time to open a Barcelona office? This place is so big, we could set up shop at the top of one of the "staircases to nowhere" and not b...

3:00 PM - 11 Dec 14 via facebook Facebook

Just launched this new website for Cleveland Zoological Society @clevezoosociety! http://t.co/sPcmK0f6 #webdesign #cleveland

4:35 PM - 20 Sep 12 via Twitter Twitter

Thanks to the Cleveland Zoological Society for hosting us at this year's PRSA Awards! So glad the carousel campaign was such a huge success!

2:33 PM - 05 Dec 14 via facebook Facebook

Don't know 'bout you, but the new site we just launched for @CleInstituteArt makes us want to go back to art school. http://t.co/OTx4a7jL

5:50 PM - 17 Sep 12 via Twitter Twitter

Thank you Lynn B. Johnson for surprising us with this AMAZING apple pie today! Our tummies are full and our hearts are grateful.

4:54 PM - 25 Nov 14 via facebook Facebook

Celebrating Kory, Josh and Jacob's wins from The W³ Awards with the world's tiniest bottle of champagne. Congrats and THANK YOU for your insanely intense dedication to your craft and our clients.

3:32 PM - 21 Nov 14 via facebook Facebook

OK, we admit it, being pixel-obsessed is part of our DNA here at FORM. But if a graphic has ever looked just a hair off (like the one in this post), then this site is for you. (OCDers be warned.) http://pixact.ly

2:06 PM - 17 Nov 14 via facebook Facebook

So many familiar faces in this video! We are blown away – yes, again – by our incredibly dedicated arts + culture clients who have worked so hard to make Cleveland, Ohio the artful, culturally inspired place it has become.

10:25 AM - 14 Nov 14 via facebook Facebook

More good stuff for arts and culture in the CLE: Congrats to fans of Great Lakes Theater Festival and Cleveland Play House who'll enjoy a free production of A Christmas Story and A Christmas Carol, compliments of this cool gift from The Cleveland Fou...

9:45 AM - 06 Nov 14 via facebook Facebook

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