3 Things Your Landing Page Should Have

It is incredibly important for all organizations to have a dedicated landing page for each event, campaign, or program. Not only is it a resource for the public to find out information about your event, but it also ensures consistency accross your campaign.

The power of a dedicated landing page lies in the fact that you can link to it from all of your marketing and sales emails, social media posts, calendar listings, and more.

So, now that you are driving all of that traffic to your landing page, let's make sure that it is optimized so that you get the best result.

1. Fast Load Time

You may have written an amazing email with a link to your landing page but, if the page loads slowly, odds are the recipient will navigate away from your site in a matter of seconds.

Almost half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and they tend to abandon a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds. (Akamai)

Most people engage with email and social media content on mobile devices, so it is important to optimize for both desktop and mobile.

You may be wondering how you can test your landing pages to make sure that they load quickly. Luckily, there are quite a few free tools out there that are simple and easy to use.

If you are already familiar with Google, you can try out their PageSpeed Insights tool. It will give you a report like this which you can then forward to your developer so that any necessary changes can be made.

2. Complete and Accurate Information

Your landing page should be the home of all of the pertinent information about your event or project. You will want to be sure that everything on the page is accurate and updated.

Make sure that everything someone might need to know about the event or campaign is listed there:

  • Date/Time
  • Description
  • How to RSVP/Buy Tickets
  • Ticket Prices/Suggested Donation Amounts
  • Performer Information
  • Sponsors
  • Key Participants
  • Creative Team

Pro Tip: Remember that not everyone who views this landing page will be familiar with your organization. If you are using terminology that is specific to your organization (donor or member level names, program names, etc.) don't forget to explain what they mean or link to more information.

3. Clear and Prominent CTA

The purpose of your landing page is to get people to take an action. Having a clear and prominent CTA (call to action) is crutial to achieving your deliverables. Not every CTA has to be revenue-based, and it may vary depending on your campaign. Yes, you want people to purchase tickets to your event, but you may also be looking for volunteer sign-ups or additonal people on your email list.

Let's look at some good examples of landing pages from arts organizations and nonprofits:

The Metropolitan Opera offers a landing page for each production that prominently features the critical information along with an easy-to-see CTA.

Great Lakes Theatre's landing pages offer a simple and efficient layout that makes it easy to see how to purchase tickets.

Seattle Opera's recent website redesign offers comprehensive landing pages for each production filled with useful information about the show.

UNICEF has a landing page for prospective volunteers that adheres to the same best practices. The information is complete and the CTA button stands out.

Now that you're inspired, take a look at your website's landing pages. Do they have accurate, updated information with a clear path to what action you want the viewer to take? If not, making these changes doesn't require a website redesign. Contact your developer or staff member who is in charge of the website and ask them to make some small changes to make your landing pages more effective. It will be worth it!


Ceci is the Digital Marketing Manager at FORM, a web development and creative services firm for Arts & Culture and Nonprofits. She has 14 years of experience working with arts organizations and nonprofits and she travels the country speaking at conferences and hosting workshops.

Photo: David G. Kanzeg

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