A CMS for Arts & Culture
And Nonprofits

Our website design is as powerful as it is beautiful. Our web sites are driven by LUCY, our CMS that’s tailored just for the needs of arts and culture and non profits. Our happiest customers are those who turned to us after becoming frustrated by other content management systems designed for the corporate masses.

Designed for Arts, Culture, and Nonprofit Organizations

A CMS Made for you

We designed LUCY for the needs of arts & culture and nonprofit organizations. Generate and collect donations and memberships, track patron behavior, cultivate targeted mailing lists and appeals, sell event tickets and merchandise, promote exhibitions and performances and much more.

Track interests, page views, and activity

Increase Leads & Donor Engagement

Convert visitors to leads or donors with adaptive content. LUCY observes user behaviors to serve interest-based content. Collect user information for sending highly targeted campaigns and appeals.

Drag and Drop, iPad Friendly

Stop worrying

Ongoing attacks on mass market CMS platforms have left sites vulnerable to hackers. That's why the critical code that powers LUCY is not publicly shared, disseminated or derived from unreliable sources.

Build custom pages with drag and drop

Quickly Create Your Own Pages

Enjoy the freedom to create your own beautiful pages with drag-and-drop tools that are fast, fun and powerful. Drag-and-drop everything from text blocks, images and videos to social feeds, dynamic calls to action, events, news and more.

Stable and Compatible

Add features with confidence

Since LUCY is made just for you, it's perfectly compatible with everything else on your site; never fear your site going down due to conflicting plug-ins, failed updates or amateur open-source code.

Drag and Drop, iPad Friendly

Enjoy easy-to-use

LUCY's interface is simple and iPad compatible, with drag-and-drop tools that are fun to use. The dashboard provides quick access to your site's performance, patron activity, and most-used modules. If you ever need help, just give us a call, or use the onboard suite of tutorial videos and troubleshooting tips.

Personalized, Custom Functionality

Set yourself apart

Because we don't rely on third-party plugins and widgets, we can be highly creative with our solutions and design. We create functionality to your exact specifications. Need some special features? No problem. Just call for a custom, cost-effective solution.

Personalized, Custom Functionality

Tie into external systems

Easily add posts from your social networks with API-based drag-and-drop tools. Send data from LUCY to other third-party CRM, ticketing and eCommerce systems, too.

Stable and Compatible

Give tiered access to your staff

Control access to LUCY on a per-user basis. Grant certain users full access while allowing limited access to others.

Drag and Drop, iPad Friendly

Use your content
more efficiently

LUCY allows COPE content creation: Create once, publish everywhere. Enter your content in one location, and LUCY automatically serves it to multiple, strategic places throughout your website.

Personalized, Custom Functionality

Accept donations, memberships and more

Manage and collect online donations and memberships or sell merchandise and event tickets. Enhanced LUCY options include the ability to setup annual campaigns, virtual fund drives, special fundraising promotions and more.

Stable and Compatible

Improve your
search rankings

Use LUCY's SEO tools to customize page titles, descriptions and URLs. Easily add content-specific heading tags and image alt tags, too. Quickly assess your site's performance with graphical, real-time high-level analytics.

Photo: David G. Kanzeg

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We are helping new nonprofit Oberlin Center for the Arts fulfill its mission to connect the community with the arts. In addition to designing the logo and brand guide, we created a suite of interconnected websites for OCA and its founding member organizations; the sites seamlessly share and cross-pollinate content to help raise awareness and encourage patrons to attend more arts events classes and classes.

2:49 PM - 09 Aug 19 via Facebook

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