We are a digital-first creative services firm located in Cleveland, Ohio. We provide award-winning web, mobile and app design and development, touch screen interactives, digital marketing, branding and creative services for arts & culture and nonprofits. We help our clients tell their story, drive engagement, convert leads, and increase ticket sales and donations. Our core clients include museums, parks and zoos, performing arts, education, health and wellness groups, shelters and crisis services, community development and public arts collaboratives.

Akron Art Museum
Akron Art Museum

Chatbot, Exhibition Website + CMS

Akron Art Museum

We use new technologies to help the Akron Art Museum engage and educate their audiences in compelling ways.

We created Dot, a Chatbot that runs on mobile devices and takes visitors through a self-guided tour of the museum’s permanent collection. We helped create the content, developed the Chatbot, and produced a kiosk video to help visitors learn to use it.

Our tablet-based With a Trace: Photographs of Absence is an experimental exhibition microsite optimized for use on tablets within the exhibition itself; the site uses the accelerometer on tablets to shift and slide content when the device is tilted.


  • Website Design + Development
  • Interpretive Design
  • Touchscreen Interactives
  • Mobile App Development
  • Creative + Art Direction

Photo: David G. Kanzeg

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We just turned 15 years old! Thank you to our talented staff and amazing clients for everything you’ve done with and for us all these years.💙 We celebrated with a walk to The Van Aken District for some Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream and a moment in the sun.

12:48 AM - 20 Jun 19 via Facebook

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