We are a digital-first creative services firm located in Cleveland, Ohio. We provide award-winning web, mobile and app design and development, touch screen interactives, digital marketing, branding and creative services for arts & culture and nonprofits. We help our clients tell their story, drive engagement, convert leads, and increase ticket sales and donations. Our core clients include museums, parks and zoos, performing arts, education, health and wellness groups, shelters and crisis services, community development and public arts collaboratives.

The City Club of Cleveland
The City Club of Cleveland

Website Design and Development, CMS + CRM

The City Club of Cleveland

The City Club of Cleveland is one of the nation's great free speech forums. They asked us to build a new website with a powerful backend that would help its members and the public at large learn about and participate in upcoming forums. When the City Club is broadcasting a forum, the site switches into "LIVE" mode and serves a live video feed as well as live tweets and member conversations. Members can add forums to their calendar and save them to a favorites list. A deep archive of the City Club's past forums includes audio/podcasts, videos, photos and transcripts dating back to the early 1960s. The City Club can update its content, manage its large membership, accept recurring donations and sell forum tickets all through our CRM and CMS.


  • Website Design + Development
  • CMS, CRM
  • Information Strategy
  • Social Media Integration
  • eCommerce
  • Visual Design
  • Creative + Art Direction
  • CRM

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[MEET OUR TEAM: CECI] Her great grandfather painted backdrops for the opera houses of Europe; her dad is a musicologist; her mother is an abstract painter. It’s no wonder Ceci has dedicated her career to arts marketing. A passionate workaholic and mom to small humans and mini schnauzers, Ceci’s favorite pastime is “a quiet moment with a glass of wine.” Named after the patron saint of music, she is a former classical singer with a penchant for pants roles and Bach cantatas. She might be the shortest FORMie, but she isn’t afraid to engage in a studio scrap over Star Trek vs. Star Wars. <-- Meet the rest of our team. --> https://theformgroup.com/culture

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