More than just
a pretty interface.

Don't be fooled by the elegant appearance of our work. Like a good athlete, artist or acrobat, we make this look easy. But it takes purposeful graphic design, strategy, complex code and raw devotion to achieve results that appear to be effortless. For our arts and culture and nonprofit clients, this masterful convergence of artistry, strategy and tech yields more clicks, leads, ticket sales and donations.

The Numbers

Flashes of Hope

$3.5MM in online donations in 3 years

100% ROI in 7 months

38x ROI in 3 years

Cleveland International Film Festival

157% increase in online sales over three years

5x increase in round-up checkout donations

100% ROI in 7 months

"FORM's presence is like carrying an umbrella so it doesn’t rain. Working with FORM is the only way you will get the most amazing web site imaginable, while having fun along the way."

Marcie Goodman, Executive Director, Cleveland International Film Festival

University Circle

56% increase in unique web site visitors

Top 5 spots in keyword search

3k+ iPhone apps downloaded.

"The FORM team was especially adept at listening to us, taking all of the needs and desires we expressed, and turning them into reality. The new UCI website is clean, modern, and visually appealing. Most importantly, it helped us develop a plan to communicate effectively to several different audiences through one well-organized site. We had a fantastic response to it from board members, our institution partners, and the general public."

Lisa Sands, Director of Marketing & Communications, University Circle Inc.

Greater Cleveland Food Bank

11x increase in online donations within one year

100% ROI in 4 months

75.5% increase in organic traffic

"FORM helped the Greater Cleveland Food Bank create a visually-appealing and very user-friendly website. They designed a site that enables us to tell a story about what we do and who we serve. It has become a great tool to help us get our message out to the public."

Karen Pozna, Director of Corporate and Public Relations

Cleveland Institute of Art

12% increase in page views

32% increase in unique users

113.9% increase in international visits

"The CIA website that FORM created has been a key factor in helping facilitate record-breaking enrollment growth both domestically and internationally. In the first 18 months after launch our international enrollment doubled, and after 36 months our domestic enrollment reached an all-time high."

Mark Inglis, VP of Marketing & Communications, Cleveland Institute of Art

Contemporary Arts Center

20% increase in pages viewed per session

38% increase in average session duration

25% increase in organic search rankings

"We issued an RFP and within a few months, it was clear that FORM had the most experience creating visually compelling, intuitive sites for organizations like ours. FORM gave us more than we could have imagined, on time and within budget, and were the perfect partner to take us to the next level with our brand."

Stacy Sims, Marketing and Public Relations Director, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati

Cleveland Zoological Society

35% increase in average session duration

31% increase in pages viewed per session

20% increase in mobile traffic

"FORM web sites look amazing, and the CMS is very user-friendly for administrators. We now have more repeat visitors to our site, and longer visits. People are coming back often to see what’s new. Plus, the FORM staff, while always being professional, are more like friends than colleagues."

Elizabeth Thibodeaux, Cleveland Zoological Society

Great Lakes Theater

25% increase in unique web site visitors

9% reduction in bounce rate

1st page Google ranking for all productions

"Our online season ticket and event purchases have soared with the new web site, and our web-related social media sharing has skyrocketed. We couldn’t be happier and remain impressed with FORM’s ongoing commitment to refine our site. This company understands the long-term value and meaning of, ‘partnership.’"

Todd Krispinsky, Marketing and Public Relations Director, Great Lakes Theater

Love Notes

"Your expertise and creative work has made an incredible impact on our organization and certainly throughout northeast Ohio. We are blessed to have had our paths cross. "

Lynn Budnick, Executive Director, ACCESS

"Hi, I was recently in Cleveland for the festival and wanted to say how much I loved the design of the website, and CIFF's design in general. Thanks so much."

Patron, Cleveland International Film Festival

"We are so proud of our new website, and thanks to FORM, our Customers love it too. We have seen measurable increases in our most important metrics- flight searches, time spent on site and email sign-ups. Most importantly though, our new site is easy to use, easy to update and easy to love. Additionally, the FORM team was there for us every step of the way- amplifying our brand, staying on target and on budget. I highly recommend FORM."

Kristie Van Auken, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing/ Communications Officer (Fmr.)

"FORM genuinely listened to our needs throughout the process of our re-branding and web site re-design. We can’t recommend FORM more highly. It’s refreshing to work with a company that “gets it.” And did I mention they have great sense of humor?"

Todd Krispinsky, Marketing and Public Relations Director, Great Lakes Theater

"We are deeply grateful for the hard work, attention to detail, and efforts aimed at excellence from the team at FORM."

Jim Armstrong, Executive Director of Communication, Catholic Diocese of Cleveland

"I just wanted to tell you that your work is absolutely phenomenal. ...In our world which so often focuses on what's not done yet or right, I felt compelled to take a moment to tell you guys what a great job you do. Keep on keeping on"

Tom, An accountant we've never met. Thanks, Tom!

"We loved the experience. You gave above and beyond."

Stacy Sims, Marketing and Public Relations Director, Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati

"Our eCommerce sales continue to grow rapidly, and our websites and eCommerce are recognized in the candy industry as being one of the best. We have been with FORM for almost 10 years, which is a long time in any industry, and a testament to how we feel about the work they do."

Jim Knight, VP of Marketing and e-Commerce, Spangler Candy

"Our web site has consolidated and strengthened our brand. It also has provided a much more intuitive experience for the patron, which has led to a more efficient sales process and maneuverability."

Ed Gilchrist, Director of Marketing, Cleveland Play House

"FORM’s efforts helped us achieve our goal of creating a contemporary, intuitive, user-friendly website that communicates and promotes our brand and is appealing to prospective students, as well as alumni, donors and other potential users of the site. The LUCY content management system behind the website is intuitive and makes web updating tasks simple, quick and clean. FORM team members are smart, creative, patient with us and pleasant to work with. They continue to help us make the most of our website’s functionalities. "

Ann McGuire, Director of Marketing and Communication, Ursuline College

"I’m getting a full-on chest plate tattoo of FORM riding on the back of a magical unicorn to show my appreciation. You all are awesome. Thank you, thank you!"

Debby Samples, Marketing Director, Cleveland International Film Festival

Photo: David G. Kanzeg

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We are helping new nonprofit Oberlin Center for the Arts fulfill its mission to connect the community with the arts. In addition to designing the logo and brand guide, we created a suite of interconnected websites for OCA and its founding member organizations; the sites seamlessly share and cross-pollinate content to help raise awareness and encourage patrons to attend more arts events classes and classes.

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